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Synergy Router


  • The five primary strategic gains are specifically integrated together into a feedback structure.

  • These gains expand marketing, partner and customer bases, and are then fed back into the company’s operations, which in turn powers the feedback system.

  • Such synergy embraces other companies creating a powerful fraternity, enhancing networking, promoting product and expanding business development.

  • The Dauntless Newsletter, presents accomplishments and promotes products.

  • This Business Synergy Router is particularly well suited for small businesses.


The Router works by:

  • Quantifying operational performance expands and empowers marketing, and defines quality.
  • This results in expansion of local and international partnerships and customers.
  • Such activity may be presented in the Newsletter which expands marketing and promotion.
  • All such activity in turn generates revenue.
  • Moreover, teaching the method also generates revenue.

FIG. 2 Business Synergy Router