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Support Services

Bring the value added benefit of strategic operations management and association with the DBS fraternity to your job or project requirements. Sectors: semiconductors and electronics, electro-optics, aerospace systems; Japanese, German, Scandinavian and British business development; high-tech intellectual property, corporate and litigation law.

Program Management

  • Over 25 years of business experience – provide leadership, guidance, and innovation.
  • Start-up management experience – provide focused energy to kick-start projects or companies.
  • Strategic Assessment – provide objective clarity for goals to tactics dynamics.

Business Development

  • Japanese business development – experience developing and maintaining partnerships.
  • Vendor management – experience developing and expanding business relationships.
  • Multicultural diversity – foreign work experience, well traveled, versed in science and fine arts.

Quality Assurance

  • Provide corporate-wide quality and reliability procedures and database systems.
  • Integrate technical failure analysis to marketing objectives and customer expectations.
  • Establish document control systems.

Systems Engineering

  • Proof of concept for technical systems – e.g., aerospace photometry, laser systems.
  • Redesign and improvement of business systems - e.g., corporate law workflow methods.
  • Integration of multiple technologies into working system – e.g., IC chip/package design.