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International Business Development
The Dauntless Business Culture Alignment System TM



The Goryudo Method acts by empowerment, therefore:

  • The company’s core business culture is sustained and strengthened by its success.

    Be it free-wheelin’ dynamics of US start-ups.

    Or, traditional dignity of Japanese companies.


The Goryudo Method quantifies operational performance at the strategic level, therefore:

  • Portions of operational performance may be molded and shaped into alternate formats.
  • Such formats may be those of international business partners and customers.
  • Aligns the company’s business culture with international partners and customers.

The company functions like a wheel

  • The core culture is at the hub – solid.
  • Alternate business approaches extend like spokes - flexible.
  • Spokes act like bridges to international business cultures – business development.

Tactical Benefits

  • Present to a Japanese partner a corporate culture so configured as to be aligned with
    their way of doing business.
  • Japanese company can qualify an American partner and be assured its culture is suitable
    for interaction.
  • Form a fraternity of multinational companies whose business cultures are compatibly
    aligned and whose executive ability is quantified and first rate.
  • Walk to the bargaining table in a powerful position.