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Dauntless Business Systems was founded in 2003 by a former NASA scientist with international quality assurance engineering and business development experience. The company is centered around a consortium of international business and high-tech specialists working as a small, elite “business special force” to provide effective, creative, yet common sense business solutions. The company’s work procedure draws on NASA operations methods, is highly organized, focused and mission driven. As the concept of DBS demonstrates, its skills are imagination, beyond the box strategy and an ability to approach business challenges with powerful innovation coupled to decisive tactics. Being able to filter out pitfalls and successfully engage solutions before these pitfalls derail a company’s potential, is what Dauntless brings to the table.

The company name is derived from two sources. One is the literal meaning of the word, “dauntless”, being steadfast and fearless; and the other in honor of the “reliable and powerful” WWII, US navy & marine dive bomber (the nation’s most successful carrier-based attack aircraft). The company logo is an artistic depiction of strategic philosophies inherent in the Goryudo Method (the way of five rivers), expressed in two-dimensional, Euclidian geometry; simple in structure yet complex in its subtleties. Striving to control the complex can often be daunting; but enhancing the complex by simplicity - is rejuvenating and rewarding.

Stephen Taylor: Founding Principal

Stephen Taylor has over 25 years’ experience in the high-tech, international business and legal sectors. His career began as a physicist including fusion energy research, aerospace systems work for NASA’s planetary detection program, and astrophysics research at the Max-Planck-Institute. He expanded into the business sector in semiconductor product, reliability and quality engineering (Silicon Valley), intellectual property and corporate law consulting, and Japanese business development. He built and directed a quality department for a start-up seeing it through a successful IPO and secured a major Japanese customer. Steve is fluent in German and familiar with Japanese, has lived and worked in Germany, has traveled throughout the US and Europe and has been active in Japanese-American community services for over 30 years. With good people skills, well versed in classical music and arts, and a multicultural background, international business development is a passion. Publications range from aerospace science, to quality assurance methods, to US-Japanese history. He conceived and authored the patent pending Goryudo Method. He graduated from Santa Clara University in 1974 with a BS in Engineering (EE & ME interdiscipline), has an MS in Integrated and Optical Sciences (physics, chemistry, biophysics interdiscipline; electro-optics concentration), and JD in Law. He has attended graduate classes in astrophysics, music and law at Heidelberg University, Germany.

Associates are individuals or companies that provide specialized consulting services, or are directly involved in business development with DBS.

Ron Leckie: Executive Management

Ron Leckie is CEO and Research Director of INFRASTRUCTURE based in Saratoga, CA. Ron has over 29 years of experience in the semiconductor and equipment industries. For 11 years, he was VP of Engineering and Marketing at Megatest, taking the company through a turnaround and successful IPO. Prior to Megatest, Ron had 14 years of experience in test engineering, applications, quality management and manufacturing within the semiconductor industry. For the past 4 years, as a consultant and analyst with INFRASTRUCTURE, he provides strategic engineering, marketing and business consulting services to the semiconductor and equipment industries. Ron has published many articles / papers and has spoken at numerous conferences on his field of expertise – Test, Assembly and Packaging. Ron graduated in 1970 with a BSc (honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Heriot Watt university, Scotland.


George Nishiura: Asian Business Development

George Nishiura has more than 20 years of international business experience in the software, high-tech and import/export sectors. Such experience extends to many countries but has focused primarily on Japan. He has been involved with selling software, providing for Japanese language support and translation, establishing distribution affiliates and trade show support for such companies as Adobe, Macromedia and other major US software companies. Mr. Nishiura has worked with a major international trading company based in Toyo for 15 years. During his tenure in this sector, this company and its parent company in Tokyo became one of the largest distributors in Japan selling over $20 Million per year. Mr. Nishiura also has experience in the hardware sector including design and program management of display terminals and OEM support for such companies as Honeywell/Bull, Sperry and ADP. He has experience as a senior design engineer at such companies as Olivetti, Atari and others providing specialized design engineering for Japanese PC equipment and mass storage devices. His recent work has involved bringing in $5 Million for a Mitsubishi affiliate start-up software company. He has a BS in EE from San Jose State University, is fluent in Japanese and English, and is well versed in Japanese business methods and understanding its cultural complexities.

Gorden Killen: North American Business Development

Gorden Killen is a computer and electronics systems consultant based in San Jose, California specializing in high-tech sales. He has 33 years of experience in the semiconductor and electronic components testing industries. For 21 years, he was employed by National Semiconductor in engineering and marketing positions. While at National, Gorden developed several aerospace customers into large multimillion dollar accounts. He also served on a JEDEC committee which developed test methods and standards for semiconductors. Gorden then moved on to serve as the local representative and troubleshooter for several electronics firms located outside California. In 1998, he joined General Test Laboratory as the outside sales representative where he developed two of the top 10 accounts for the company. As a Vietnam veteran, former US Air Force officer, licensed pilot and computer hardware consultant, Gorden has a distinguished and diverse background that provides for exceptional interpersonal skills and business wisdom. He is expert at conducting business by a person-to-person handshake backed by the utmost sincerity, integrity and professionalism. Moreover, such methods provide for dynamic sales and business development. Gorden received a B.S. in Engineering Operations from Iowa State University.

Allies are companies or individuals who are affiliated with DBS and utilize the DBS fraternity for mutual promotion, expanding business networks and providing consulting expertise.

Carla Bunch, Managing Principal
Transit Solutions
1602 W. Campbell Ave.
Suite 162
Campbell, CA 95008

Carla Bunch is a specialist in small business development strategies and planning. Transit solutions provides farebox repair and service for county and municipality transportation systems throughout CA.